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House of Beatniks is the vision of the free creation that came alive in a time when creativity was given space to florish, without demands on accomplishment and result. 

House of Beatniks is run by Pernilla Algede; a photographer, designer and ‘creative spirit’ with attention to the unique, distinct and personal. Her inspiration is mostly found in nature but also people, places and cultures around the world. The art by P.Algede and House of Beatniks is sold via a few selected resellers and also via our showroom, located in the heart of Linné in Gothenburg.

Occasionally we also take on the mission to decorate homes, office spaces and other exciting projects. If you have any queries regarding our art or other services, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@houseofbeatniks.com or directly to Pernilla at pernilla@algede.se.

‘I love the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by functionality, craftsmanship and clean, enduring aesthetics in combination with a bohemian, eccentric and colorful style expression

‘Jag älskar det skandinaviskt enkla och avskalade i kombination med ett bohemiskt, excentriskt och färgstarkt stiluttryck’

Pernilla Algede

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