Pernilla Algede, founder of House of Beatniks

Hello, my name is Pernilla and I am the founder of House of Beatniks and Algede Design.

I have always been a free spirit and am at my best when there are no boundaries or limitations. I love the idea of creating freely, and that is what the name House of Beatniks derive from. I feel a bit like a ‘beatnik’ myself, and I love what happens when great things come alive without commerciality as the main focus.

I  like to create things, contexts and ideas. Most of what you will find here is my photographic art but I also have a lot of love for paint, textiles and wood. Nature inspires me greatly but also people I meet, places I go to as well as shapes, colors and materials. Above all, what inspires me is the natural, raw beauty. Honesty and vulnerability in the people I portray and the magical simplicity in nature.

Alongside of running House of Beatniks and making art, I also collaborate with fantastic brands and companies, mainly who work from the inside out. I have had the great pleasure of helping them developing their core and strengthen their brand profile by aligning visual communication and marketing activities with their vision and values.

It is fantastic to be able to work with so many things that I love, but my greatest reward is when my work is appreciated and loved by someone else. The idea of my art inspiring other people and making them feel – that is amazing.

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