Rare Flowers art series

– A thorn in the side of perfection and a celebration of the raw, honest and unmasked

About the new photo series ‘Rare Flowers’ by P. Algede.

‘The term ‘rare flower’ can be used to describe an unusual flower. In my mind we are all rare, there is nothing usual about any living being. We are all one of a kind. There might be likeness, but no sameness. Diversity is natural. To me, the imperfections are not flaws. The scars, the wrinkles or the blemishes are evidence of life and natural ageing. They are character, personality and unique signatures. In my art, I want to highlight the magic in the simple, the dramatic in the still, and the beautiful silence in the chaos. Vulnerability and the strength of putting our weaknesses on display. Raw, honest, unmasked. This is what inspires me in my work’
/ P. Algede

Credits: The product images of the new photo series by P.Algede has been arranged by stylist duo SundlingKickén and photographed by Osman Tahir at The Apartment.

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