The art of hanging art

Many say that to place the art on the wall is an art in itself but often it is just about daring to hammer those holes in the wall.

Unless you are a complete natural, a good start is to make a few decisions before you get started.

What impression do you want to create?

Do you want your walls to look neat and structured?

Then make sure you get your ruler out and measure properly to get the frames to line. Make sure the art and their frames go well together, consider size, shape and colour. Perhaps you also need to make sure the motifs go well together, or at least create some sort of harmony.

Do you want a lively and personal expression?

Then, just get started and follow your instinkt. Select the pieces you feel like starting with and then let the context form, piece by piece. Don’t be scared to mix and match different sizes, type of frames and art to achieve a more eccentric feel. You can also play with contrasts. For example, leave one wall nearly empty with just one little piece of art, and create an explosion of art pieces from floor to ceiling in another room.

But remember, you set the rules, it is your home. Just have fun and play with it. If you are worried over nails in the wall, try to arrange the paintings on the floor before you get started with the hammer. Then you quite quickly get an idea of how the pieces will work together, and how much space you will need to leave in between to get them positioned right. Just remember to not put the art too high up – it is just as important to create a balance in hight as to create a good context of different art pieces.

But above all, make sure your walls are presenting stuff that you like to look at, that every motif feel relevant for you. Then, there are no ‘wrong’, if it feels right for you!

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